Daniel Canogar

(Madrid, 1964)



generative animation on LED screen, computer and electronic components

168 x 420 cm

Inv. no. 557235

Every day we are bombarded with an overwhelming quantity of Internet data that we ourselves help to feed. This ever-growing and largely short-lived information is of highly diverse quality and kind.
Daniel Canogar’s work Cannula takes Youtube videos as a starting point to comment on this contemporary development. The most frequently viewed YouTube videos associated with BBVA’s values and projects are transformed into colours and forms whose end result in turn reveals connections with the painterly tradition of Expressionism and Abstraction.
As the artist himself states, aesthetically speaking, Cannula recalls 1960s psychedelia. The colourful, changing aqueous features of that movement readily connect with the ongoing flow of information we live with, in our everyday lives, and which forms an amalgam of colours in our brains.
A thought-provoking and imposing work of art.