Art and Spirituality. Imagining the Extraordinary in the BBVA Collection arrives to the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid after its presentation in Bilbao

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Dates: 8 September – 23 October 2022
Pabellón Villanueva, Real Jardín Botánico. Plaza de Murillo, 2. Madrid
Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday, 10 am – 7.30 pm (September), 10 am – 6.30 pm (October)
Guided tours
Tuesdays at 5 pm and Saturdays at 12 noon, booking in advance: / 91 196 70 99 (9 am – 2 pm)
Groups with independent guide: booking required
Music and Spirituality. Hearing the Extraordinary.
Playlist downloadable from Spotify
catalogue with an essay by the curator. On sale at exhibition venue
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Art and Spirituality. Imagining the Extraordinary is an exhibition organised by BBVA and curated by Alfonso de la Torre. It brings together a carefully selected group of works from the historical and contemporary holdings in the BBVA Collection in Spain. The project, presented this year at the Palacio de San Nicolás in Bilbao, now moves, with an expanded repertoire, to the privileged setting of the Royal Botanical Garden in Madrid (Villanueva Pavilion).

Arranged in four different chapters, around forty classic and modern artworks are seamlessly displayed alongside one another, acknowledging the wealth and diversity of the BBVA Collection in a variety of media and techniques: painting, sculpture, photography and installation as well as videos on loan courtesy of other collections.

The show wishes to highlight the influence that spirituality, understood as a universal phenomenon, has exerted on art creation throughout time.

Leveraging a variety of different resources—like religion, light, energy, emptiness, sublimity, metaphors or symbols—artists from different times have pondered on the purpose of creation and have tried to materialize in their works that essential aspect of the human being, that inner and transcendental element that gives meaning to our lives. Through the encounter with the artwork and appealing to concepts that are hard to express through words, they attempt to conjure a supernatural experience, inviting the beholder to “imagine the extraordinary".

Selected artworks

David Rodríguez Caballero - 6.octubre.2013 - 2013
Ouka Leele - Quizás fuera un hada - 1998
Jan van Scorel - The Virgin and Child with St Anne - first half of 16th century
first half of 16th century
José Manuel Broto - La escalera - 1986
Joan Ponç - Barrachú - 1950
Fernando Zóbel - El jardín del obispo V - 1978
Luis Vélez - Resurrection of the Lord - ca. 1559-1560
ca. 1559-1560
Yves Tanguy - Forme gris bleuâtre - 1939
Joaquín Sorolla - Study of a Skull - 1883
David Teniers II - The Garden of Eden - 1685
Ángeles Marco - Pozo sin fondo - 1989
Alfonso Albacete - Narciso I - 1986
Ernst Karl Eugen Körner - Die Grotten von Beni Hassan am Nil - nineteenth Century
nineteenth Century
Carmen Laffón - Still Life - 1986
Marta Cárdenas - Prado y bosque (otoño) I - 1987
Esteban Vicente - Untitled - 1956
César Manrique - Untitled - 1964
Hugo Fontela - Nowhere Island II - 2017
Nacho Criado - La voz que clama en el desierto no es la tuya ni es la mía - 1995
Manuel Franquelo - Untitled - 1990